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February 6, 2007


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I made a promise to Abeer she would never be forgotten even though i never met Abeer. You see i became aware of Abeer’s existence only after the yanks had literally wiped Abeer’s existence from the face of the earth.
Of course before brutally murdering Abeer they had to rape Abeer in front of her family and then kill Abeer’s family also (without realizing it, the yanks probably did the family a favor by killing them, god knows how they would have been able to “exist” afterwards).
Abeer was not even 15 years old and from accounts was very bright, polite and judging by the photos , not to mention the attraction the yanks obviously had towards Abeer , Abeer was extremely beautiful.
The reason i say “yanks” and not “yank” is because it was a pack rape and they of course blamed the resistance initially, it wasn’t until one of the soldiers was having counseling that the truth came out.
As usual the spin doctors went into overdrive trying to portray this as an isolated incident and that it was committed by somebody with psychological problems. The fact there was someone there with a higher ranking than “Green” didn’t seem to bother all these so called reporters.
Even Abeer’s age was distorted by these mainstream media outlets, reporting that Abeer was 20 when the truth would have been very easy to obtain. Ask the soldier who admitted to knowing about it or ask the neighbours or Abeer’s relatives.
They also use the word “alleged”, if someone is dead are they alleged to be dead?
This is the American way of life for you.


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