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February 14, 2007

Spider Webs

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Today I had to remove a couple of spider webs from the driveway, they had been there for the last two months, as I couldn’t bring myself to destroy their home. They were living their life as nature had intended, who was I to decide to come along and destroy that magical creation by those spiders? Unfortunately the webs had to be removed as we had purchased another car and needed to park the car in the driveway where the spiders webs were. So for the car, two spiders had to lose their homes which started me thinking about Palestine and people losing their homes.
If I felt so bad about destroying a spider’s home how would an Israeli feel about destroying the home of a family with say 8 children? That is 10, yes TEN, humans’ home destroyed not two spiders, incredible how twisted this world is.
The difference between the spider and the Palestinians (Iraqis, Afghanistanis too) is the spider can move on and make another home free from my destructive powers.
Humans have to continue living under oppressive conditions imposed upon them by the yanks and jews with no end in sight.
Bravo America. Bravo Israel.
You win the medal for the most number of innocent civilians killed in the history of humanity.


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