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February 27, 2007

Aussie so called Muslims

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This post will be brief as i don’t have the time to delve into all the hypocrital actions of those so called Muslims in Australia.
My next post will be more revealing but i can say, it’s devoted to my brothers, sisters, brother in law (one in particular) (he will know who he is when he reads the post 🙂 ) and nearly EVERY other Australian Muslim. (my dog has more morals btw).
I will leave you with these words which will be the basis of the future post.

S H A M E! S H A M E! S H A M E!

Unfortunately this future post will take a few days if not week to cover all the twisted actions of these people and all i can say right now is

S H A M E! S H A M E! S H A M E! (Yes this was borrowed from Derrin? Hynch, so what)


You call yourselves Muslim?????


Note: a certain person asked someone to ask me to desconscruct an article, he received my response hopefully. I don’t help hypocrites/two-faced actors pretending to be Muslims (only to CONTROL their wife) (tfou!) especially none like you.


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