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March 12, 2007

Muslim men

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Your comment was very powerful and at the same time it had me in stitches…I laughed so hard…Man you are funny!!!
“I think you should send a few of your american women to deal with middle eastern men…”
Joking apart, you touched on some important points, many actually…
1)Culture as you rightly pointed out, has been appropriated by fanatics…and twisted and turned to suit their own vision and sadly their vision is misogynist to say the least. I, in all honesty cannot blame Islam and I know that some will jump on the occasion and do so…I refuse that…Because I have studied Islam and women quite deeply…and I truly believe that Islam was a liberating force for women in the 7th century…and by sticking to its spirit…one can see that there are NO contradictions between so called the liberation of women and Islamic thought…I did say Islam and not muslim men…And I will add Islam as opposed to middle eastern men.
2) which brings me back to the second point and this will shock many middle eastern men and so be it…The truth is that Middle Eastern men both christians and muslims even atheists…regardless of their religious affiliation have TAKEN ARAB WOMEN FOR GRANTED FOR TOO LONG.The reasons are quite simple:Arab men know that :- Arab women have been Socialized to Faithful wives and partners…- that Arab women will not go seek extra marital affairs.- that Arab women will not abandon their husbands if he goes broke, ill, etc…it is socialized into LOYALTY…-That Arab women consider themselves as mothers first and therefore their attention is focused on their family…before themselves…
3) It is sad to note that Arab men in general and of course there are exeptions to this observation, have ABUSED this loyalty and this devotion…and it seems that nothing is good enough for them.
4) and last but not least,it is flattering and at the same time sad to see that it takes western men to show their appreciation of arab women when arab men are too busy putting us down…
5) and one last point, Arab men suffer from terrible double standards…as if they have internalized their colonial complex deep in their psyche…Notice how they treat Western women and how they treat Arab women and you will understand the double standards and hypocrisy…I think Arab women should simply STOP deifying their men until they earn it! and even then…

PS: The above was a comment made by Layla Anwar of
Here is the link

PSS: I dedicate this comment from Layla to the her from my article “him or her“.


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