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March 18, 2007

Postcode Indicator

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Why would a country the size of israel pre 1967 require a five digit postcode?
Australia being the largest island in the world only needs four digit postcodes, even though there are many more towns and suburbs in Australia than israel.
The number of digits relates to the number of towns and suburbs the zionists had planned for in their occupation of Palestine. The United States also employs the five digit system but we can understand their need for more than four.
What one can’t understand is why such a small country would even think of using five, as humans we tend to prefer shortcuts as witnessed by the web and prior. Look at “www” for example, that as most know stands for World Wide Web, of course there are plenty more like this but that is not the point of this article. We also have plenty of evidence the israelis are lazy, for instance making the Palestinians do the labour and all the shitty jobs they refuse to dirty their hands with. Making postcodes longer for people who are inherently lazy just does not make sense unless there is an ulterior motive.
Obviously the five digit postcode alone doesn’t prove anything, yet when one combines other points and facts with the postcode, the only concusion is that zionists have plans for expansion within the Middle East.


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