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March 19, 2007

Stolen Cars

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I realize most people won’t be able to relate to this but has anyone driven a stolen car before?
Has anyone had something that was stolen and worried about being caught and made to give the stolen product back?
Just imagine how the poor jews living on stolen lands in Palestine must feel.
Imagine you are driving that stolen car and worried about the police pulling you over.
Imagine the terror you feel whilst having that car and being IN that car.
Imagine how you would feel not knowing when you had to give up your “home”, the “home” you stole.
Well that is how a jew feels in Palestine, not knowing when the rightful owners the Palestinians might be strong enough to take back what is rightfully theirs.
Imagine going to sleep every night in that bed located in the bedroom of the house you stole from the Palestinians.
Would you sleep comfortably not knowing if the rightful owner will catch you?
Would every noise you hear make you jump? Jump for your gun that is.
Imagine your best friend didn’t like you anymore and decided to rat you in, all this and much more must be going through the poor jewish thieves mind on a daily basis.
You wouldn’t only worry about being caught with the stolen product but you would also worry about the consequences of your actions.
What will they do to me?
The reason behind a jew in Palestine worrying is justified, every thief knows there is a penalty to be paid for stealing.
Not to mention every murderer knows the penalty to be paid.


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