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March 23, 2007

Unity & Golda

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A few years ago i saw an interview with that swine golda meir, the interviewer asked her does she not fear being surrounded by Arabs.
The swine’s reply was, she laughed really hard and said “as long as the Arabs are not united, we have nothing to fear”
Well that swine was obviously smart enough to realize that the Arabs are so disjointed that it would take probably centuries for them to unite again, if ever.
“Divide and conquer” has worked so well in the Arab world that one has to ask the question, “WHY”?
Why do Arabs allow themselves to be subjugated to second class citizens?
What is it about Arabs and destiny?
Why do they believe this is their “destiny”?
If more Arabs were like the resistance in Iraq then the Arabs could rule the world if they wanted.
That oil is there for a reason and that reason is not those swine rulers, who give the Arab dollar to the enemies of humanity, the zionists.
How can Arabians allow themselves to be ruled by gamblers, womanizers, murderers, liars, theives and Kuffer?
Are the Arabs that STUPID?
It’s amazing to me how Arabs when they migrate to the west, practically forget about their brethren in the Middle East or anywhere else for that matter.
I witnessed something yesterday which really pissed me off.
There were parents picking up their children from school and most were Muslim, well i have never seen a woman as rude as this Muslim.
A guy was waiting to reverse out and we were waiting for him, there was a woman behind him and when it was his turn, she just pushed in and didn’t allow him to reverse. She was covered in a scarf, so supposedly she prayed but what arrogance to do what she did.
Not to mention the majority of drivers were Muslim women who had the most agro (angry) look on their faces.
If one looked at them one would never guess there brethren were being massacred by the hundreds of thousands, one would think the most important thing in their lives was getting their children home from school.
Tfou to the majority of Muslims in the west, you swine are lower than the zionist swine.
Maybe you both swim in the same pool of feces.


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