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March 26, 2007

Australia is RACIST!

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By Paul from Brissie

These Islamic Dudes are real worries… what’s their biff with life?

Is it because they are all brought up in a most controlled and unliberated lifestyle, that they are internally seething and want to get revenge on innocents?

There are some real ’sick puppies’ in this crowd… they don’t mind taking many wifes; slicing womans private parts; raping those who dare ware a tank-top; or just for the hell of it hurt someone who is a total stranger…

And this mad Muftie? Wot a joke.

These Islamic types are a ‘pox’ on the world right now. They are so up themselves with thier own bigotry they can’t see the good from the bad. To them everything is bad unless thier clerics tell them so…

Oh, I do hope these poisoned Islamic minds evolve eventually – but how long you may ask?

(notice the spelling of the dumb racist, get an education first idiot. barabie)
(also “brissie” for those that don’t know, is Brisbane, a capital city in Queensland, Australia.”


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