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March 30, 2007

Uruknet admit publishing zionist propaganda

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I don’t know how i missed this comment by paolo but read this and read it again and again and again until you see what i mean.


“Whilst most of the so-called anti-war websites run only iranian and sadrist (and zionist, of course) propaganda, that lady attacks countinuosly just
uruknet. And only uruknet.”

First Paolo admits publishing zionist propaganda quite clearly (read the above quote again then).
Uruk, paolo says, is an “anti-war website” who not ONLY runs zionist propaganda but ALSO “iranian and sadrist” propaganda.
Thank you paolo for pointing that out to me, i honestly didn’t think about the fact that you publish “iranian and sadrist propaganda”.
Btw paolo, anyone publishing not only zionist but iranian and sadrist propaganda doesn’t have any right to tell me who i can or should criticize.
paolo, TFOU.
Paolo (is that how you spell your name? 😉 ), i have a few questions for you.
If you publish ” iranian and sadrist (and zionist, of course) propaganda,” PLUS articles in support of Iraq, does THAT mean you are immune to criticism?
Does that also mean you are NOT publishing zionist propaganda?
Or is it ok to publish zionist propaganda, so long as you publish articles in support of Iraq as well?


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