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April 9, 2007

SIEV X Massacre

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19 October 2001
Following is a survivors account of how Australia watched as hundreds of people drowned and as such was responsible for their deaths. As the boat was sinking there was not one but two Australian ships right there watching them drown. They had “orders” not to rescue the “illegal immigrants”, that will teach future asylum seekers a lesson. Who said Australia isn’t racist. An idiot from the UK decides to venture around the world in a boat and manages to lose his way south of Australia and the government sends out numerous navy boats looking for him, at a cost of over $400,000 just for ONE. While they sat there and watched babies, children, women, men, geriatrics drown.

“Person 17 [Ahmed Hussein]

tearful man – wherever you look you see the dead children like birds floating on the water, those who survived 22 hours in the water saw the dead bodies of women and children with cuts from nails on the boat and with scars from where the fish were biting at them in the water and saw blood.

At the end, a boat came to rescue us, the ones who died have found comfort, as for us; our lives have been destroyed.

The people on the top deck of the boat, as it was rocking before capsizing saw 2 large ships, they thought that they would be rescued, none of them came to the rescue, when night came, the two ships turned flood lights and projectors on the people, one felt as if the light was so close that it was next to him (when the night came), we were very close to Australian waters.

On the second day, the Indonesian, fishing boats came, I asked them how they knew that we were here, they said that they had seen our luggage and this is why they came looking for survivors. They also told us that they never go this far to fish because of the sharks and whales in this area.

We asked them about the ships that we saw the day before, they told us that they were Australian border protection ships (navy ships) (cries of support of this statement were heard from other survivors on the video). These Australian navy ships, has the Australian government given orders not to rescue us? Not even the children? What had we done to be oppressed in Iraq, we went elsewhere, we could not live, we came here and we are unwelcome. What can we do, one year and one month waiting for a reply from the United Nations, I waited with my family of 15. …”


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