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April 10, 2007

Now Al-Sadr BARKS!

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“….And rather than empty the terrorist Saddamist Iraqi prisons, they have built (more) prisons, and have filled Iraq with prisons; this mother cries over her son, and another cries over his situation, as unemployment has filled Iraq, and ruin increases, rather than development.

But the occupier has not been content with this. he has (also) estranged Iraq from the Islamic and Arab world, and all the (Arab and Muslim) countries still do not care about Iraq as it heads for destruction, as though it were not an Arab or Muslim country in need of defense by whatever they were able to do…..”

The fat short ugly donkey couldn’t help himself, he had to show his feelings and alienate the majority of Sunnis with his “terrorist Saddamist” inference. While hiding in Iran and after drilling holes into the heads of thousands of Sunnis, he has the NERVE to call Saddam Hussein a “terrorist”. What an animal deserving of slaughter, him, shitstani and that other donkey hakim. There is nothing that differentiates the three except the ugliness.
Now the swine is calling on “the Arab world” after he went into hiding in the safavid “world”.
Why doesn’t the swine ask his safavid supporters and suppliers for help?


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