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April 13, 2007


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“In the meantime, the President of Iraq, Saddam Hussein, was visiting the borderline province of Suwayra from which the Iranian summits can be seen. This visit was one of those that the President regularly paid throughout the country. Rarely a day would pass without his touring a city, a neighborhood, a school, a university or an industry, generally ending up each trip with a visit to an Iraqi home.

At the time of the bombing at the University, the Iraqi president was addressing the crowd that had gathered to welcome him to Suwayra. especially intending his message for the Iranian neighbors, he strongly affirmed: “The Iraqi people do not wish to break off relations with any state unless some state so desires and believes it could endanger the sovereignty of our country or offend the honor and will of our nation… We proclaim to any state wanting to halt relations with Iraq and the Arab Nation that we are determined to combat its interference. .. We are not prepared to give way before our duty and the defense of our principles… “”

TO Al-Moharer Readers,

We have received many letters inquiring about the Iraq-Iran Conflict and the reason behind the role of Iran in occupying Iraq alongside with the United States and its allies.

The roots of the hostility of Iran against Iraq and the Arab Nation go back for many centuries ago. We find it imperative to answer the readers by publishing THE IRAQ-Iran Conflict which was published in 1981 by Institute of Studies and Research”. Reading this book will shed light on the present role of Iran in the destruction of Iraq and its support of the sectarian gangs. Those who believe that Iran is the enemy of the United States are wrong because facts speak against this belief, Iran of the Mullahs is very hostile to Iraq and the Arab people equally like the Iran of the Shah and the United States of the neoconservatives.

Best Regards

Ibrahim Ebeid,

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