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April 14, 2007

Blind and Deaf but still knows more than most Americans

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(This is a message from a Palestinian man who is blind and deaf, living in Canada)

Hi and hello I am going to send you my feedback on the Anti War Movement. There is not enough fury in me, maybe because I was drinking but I do have the message to forward or to send so stay tuned to my message and It will be up to you to publish it or not, but I would appreciate it if you try to devote the Ninth of April to the Fall of Baghdad, in my case, I can’t do much for Iraq and the people of Iraq because of my nonexisting resources and my disability but I can devote April the Ninth for Iraq, I don’t receive any phone calls, I don’t go on the internet and I stick to my room. I know a day will come when I will celebrate with the People of Iraq when the last invader leaves Iraq. I leave you with my feedback on the Anti War Movement.
I am sending this message to express my solidarity with the People of Iraq, their aspirations and their resistance to the occupation, its outcomes, consequences and outcomes short and long term.
The mounting pressure on the People of Iraq is not new, nor is it limited to the invaders, their stooges, allies and the beneficiaries local and otherwise.
Iraq, the once cradle of civilization and the castle of defiance to the Zionist entity and its supporter was a target of the Coalition of the greedy expansionists; the old and new imperialists in Washington and London
This ominous Coalition replaced the Alliance of Baghdad, the Nato and the Cento.
As in 1991, the regimes in Washington and London lured and bribed the Arabs this time with the “Road Map”. Out of sheer defeat and failure, and in order to maintain some dignity and self esteem, the Arab regimes supported the invasion even when they denounced it. The Arab countries were open to the invaders’ armies, ships, jets and secret services. Even the so called Palestinian Authority failed the Iraqis who fought along side with the Palestinian Resistance.
On April Ninth, Baghdad fell to the invaders always with the blessing of the Arab regimes and media. Shamelessly and disgracefully, the Arab Media played a dirty role in advocating for the invasion.
The fall of Baghdad was a very well calculated plan, treason, silence and active participation all was translated into an explicit form of hatred with the share of the Arabs never to be forgotten.
After four years, with the Resistance gaining momentum, the so called Anti-War Movement or some of it adopted the position of the American Establishment: we can’t abandon the Iraqis, we must “help them build their Nation.”
The first question that comes to my mind is, since when does an invader help in nation building? Was the invasion intended to “build” the Nation of Iraq? Those who visited Iraq before the invasion and the sanctions know that Iraq was a nation that was unified, strong and capable to sustain itself against any aggression. Even after 13 years of sanctions, Iraq remained united, strong economically and otherwise. So, the Iraqis are more than capable to build their own nation if left alone. The same applies to the Syrians, the Lebanese the Palestinians and the rest of them.
Then, we ask did the invasion contribute to the well being of the Iraqis? Not to the best of my knowledge.
The problem of the Anti-War Movement is it does not have a unified agenda, nor does it fight for one specific goal and when this jargon of “We can’t leave the Iraqis and we must help in building the nation of Iraq” is nothing but a stamp on the invasion and its advocates.
Then we ask is the agenda of the regimes of London and Washington in harmony of that of the Anti-War Movement? If this is the case, I don’t think we are a movement at all.
What are the ingredients of building a nation? The Patriot Act, the Home Land Security? the ideology of the Conservative or the Democratic Parties? Is American democracy working for the Americans, all the Americans including the Moslems, the Blacks and other communities? These, and more are questions that are yet to be addressed by the so-called Anti-War Movement.
In short, Sirs, Madams and the rest, when you stop the crimes on the streets of your cities, help us build our nations, at that very point come and democratize us. Otherwise, leave us alone.


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