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April 19, 2007

Iran’s contribution to the war on Iraq

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While the press debates whether or not there is a civil war in Iraq, there is a strong history
of Iranian-sponsored unrest in Iraq that continues to the present. Captured Iraqi
intelligence documents, now maintained by the Foreign Military Studies Office, show Iran’s deep
penetration in Iraqi society and institutions. Iran clandestinely supported the U.S. invasion of
Iraq and took measures to turn it to her advantage.
The Iranian government maintained armed formations, such as the Badr Corps, inside Iraq
prior to the U.S. invasion. While Saddam Hussein felt that he could dissuade a U.S. invasion
through world opinion and the United Nations, Iran anticipated and welcomed the U.S. invasion
since it would destroy her chief enemy in the region.
Iran has now moved covertly and overtly onto Iraq to subvert Iraqi institutions and eventually
to assume total control. Iran has now entered a wider and more dangerous game by subverting
the Iraqi police and armed forces into a “greater Shia” cause, which Iran hopes will lead to the
fragmentation of Iraq and the inoration of oil–rich Shia lands into Iran.

Read the full article here

Note: I found this article at leavenworth military site after they paid this blog a visit, welcome boys. what took you so long.


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