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April 23, 2007

Australian media showing it’s true colors.

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April 24, 2007 03:00am

MUSLIM leaders have ridiculed Taj al-Din al-Hilali for launching his own inquiry into how he personally distributed thousands of dollars in Australian-raised donations throughout war-torn Lebanon.

No, not “Muslim LEADERS” but some freak on the fringes of even Islam. How come throughout the whole article we don’t have ONE COMMENT attributed to ANY Muslim leader showing their “ridicule”?

Despite handing out the cash months ago and failing to properly account for it to the Lebanese Muslim Association, Sheik Hilali has only now promised to explain where it went after revelations in The Australian and fears some of it might have ended up in Hezbollah coffers.

Who “fears” what has happened to the money besides a bunch of racist white trash, who, even to the point of donation, impose their stupid “ideals” onto others even via FORCE. Can Care or anyone else account for where all their monies go? Not forgetting this is a man who LEADS the whole Muslim community in Australia but yet we are expecting him to know where every dollar donated to a charity run by his council went and to whom and how it was spent and when it was spent……..

The Muslim community yesterday dismissed Sheik Hilali’s inquiry into how $70,000 of charity funds were disbursed as nothing more than a ploy to escape personal accountability.

No the Muslim community have not done anything of the sort, it’s the western racist biased propaganda machine called the mainstream media.

Prominent Sydney-based cleric Khalil Shami said Sheik Hilali’s investigation into donations he personally distributed with another cleric in Lebanon following the Israeli-Hezbollah war last year was a futile exercise that would carry no credibility among Australian Muslims.

“The majority of the community no longer have any faith or trust in him,” he said.

That is the media’s basis for saying Sheik Hilali was “ridiculed”, a cleric says the above and suddenly Sheik Hilali is being “ridiculed”. Geez considering the “ridicule” george DUMBYA bush or john coward receive, i would say the above was a compliment then.


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