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May 13, 2007

The Honeymoon’s Over for Bush and the Saudis

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The Honeymoon’s Over for Bush and the Saudis
Martin Indyk, WP

I have taken the liberty of using martin indyk’s heading for this article just to continue showing how zionist martin indyk is.

The Saudi kalb (dog) refuses to meet another kalb, maliki, but less than two weeks later, abdullah hands maliki over 12 billion dollars. Now you may ask yourself why, as it doesn’t make sense but in actual fact it does, it makes quite a bit of sense when you stop and think about it.
Remember perceptions are just as important as facts, so how abdullah is perceived in the Arab world is very important for his survival.
Now let’s look at why they didn’t meet.
abdullah didn’t meet maliki because abdullah was informed by the americans that maliki would be on his way out of government soon, so what better way for abdullah to improve his standing in the Arab world than by pretending to take a stand against the annihilation of the Arabs in iraq.
What this means is that abdullah rejects maliki, making him look like he is taking a stand.
When in actual fact all he is doing is pulling the wool over our eyes with his bullshit stunt because when they finally do overthrow maliki, abdullah will become friendly with the new Iraqi puppet and of course he has already wiped the majority of Iraq’s debt.
The snub is very personal as such, relating to one man, maliki, whereas the forgiveness of debt is something the next puppet government can utilize in their subjugation of the Iraqis.
Making abdullah not only an accomplice in the murder and rape of Iraq but a willingly participant, one who not only provides the americans with bases and logistical support but also financial as well as diplomatic support.
Which in my view makes abdullah worse than any jewish leader of israhell, one who has killed more Arabs in the last 4 years than most jewish leaders combined. TFOU
Anyone travelling to saudi Arabia is nothing but a traitor and backstabber. TFOU
Do you see the picture now?


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