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May 27, 2007

Hey! You, choir of parrots!

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A poet – Al Moharer

I reject you!
I vomit you!
I despise you!
You choir of whores!
I refuse to be a puppet moved by unseen fingers!
I reject those who came with the occupiers’ fingers in their arse, hanging in the air!
I refuse to throw my immaculate tunic upon your bodies!
Or to be a traitor for my homeland,
To fill the “liberators” wallets with women.
I refuse to be a false witness against al Hussein as you are!
I refuse to drag him on the markets, for a worthless price as you do!
You weal and deal about and around him!
Then you harvest the blood loot from his wound!
As you ever did and still you do!
I will never maculate and waste my beautiful Arab letters in your blame,
Use any poem I have in my womb to cast anathema upon you.
I refuse to go on stamping longer on your head,
For, to my sandals, I owe respect..and my sandals are more honorable than your face!
You told us : Freedom !!
I spit on a freedom who smells shit.
I spit on a freedom which slaughters innocents necks on hypocrisy altar..
I spit on a freedom which falsifies history with myths,
Murders and has no other horizon but blood!
No make up can hide,
No paint can rescue!
Consider their ugly faces!
Where you can see
Choir of Pharisees, hypocrites,
Dealers in religion!
Now, prophets and messengers, you turned to be!
Militant leaders,
Giving orders, commanding! You are marvelously idiots!
You bunch of drummers,
You, the Occupiers’ soldiers’ sandals!


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