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June 7, 2007

Running water

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Next time you turn the tap on just think how it would feel if no water came out!
This is how people in Iraq, Palestine and Afghanistan feel everyday.
The feeling of extreme thirst is one that can’t be described accurately through words.
To wait for the rain to hopefully relieve that dry starched mouth, a mouth like paper.
The feeling is all too familiar for me.
While using the tap today and leaving it running, all that i could think about is how those Iraqi’s, Palestinians or anyone else who doesn’t have water would feel to have this running water.
Can you imagine the joy on their faces if they could find a tap which they turn on that ACTUALLY has running water?
THIS is what we have reduced countries with millions of people to.
Be proud of your “western” values!
Be proud of the destruction you have wreaked on your fellow man.
Be proud of the “freedoms” you have inflicted on people who have NEVER done anything wrong to you.
Be proud!
In a fair and just world, you would be answerable for your actions.
I have seen people drink their own urine purely out of sheer thirst and it appears the aim of the us/brits/aussies is to slowly kill Arabs/Muslims by starving them.
Of course that does include killing them through other means, like Daisy cutters, DU, White phosphorous and some new weapons which are just horrific.


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