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July 28, 2007

Al Jazeera English – News – Us And Iran Clash At Iraq Talks

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(Hasha Ismoo)

Al-Maliki said at the start of the meeting: “We hope to see your support in stabilising Iraq. We do not want to see Iraq interfering in the affairs of others, nor do we want anyone to interfere in its internal affairs.”

Read the above and see the double speak maliki the kalb is using, “we hope to see YOUR support” but at the same time the kalb maliki says, “nor do we want anyone to interfere” in Iraq.

Ah, hello kalb! What do you think 250,00 occupation troops are doing in Iraq? Not interfering? Are they “supporting” the SLAUGHTER of ONE MILLION Iraqis? Is that what the kalb means by “support”? Maybe they are on HOLIDAYS at the expense of Iraqis? Not sure what the kalb means by not interfering except the kalb’s double speak.

Over ONE MILLION Iraqis have been SLAUGHTERED, like one slaughters sheep, but YET the kalb WANTS the “support” of the same who SLAUGHTERED ONE MILLION IRAQIS.

Where does this kalb get off?

As for the heading of this article, I will need to leave that for a future post.

Just remember, Saddam Hussein RIP never needed 250,000 occupation troops and “meetings” with foreign countries to have PEACE in Iraq.


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