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September 20, 2007

Palestinian Pundit

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By Laila El-Haddad
“Firstly, a blessed and joyous Ramadan to everyone. I only wish it was so joyous an occasion for my friends and family in Gaza.
Today Israel officially announced Hamas a “hostile entity” (although that sort of had me confused-is this to say they were of “friendly entity” status before??). And made the decision to cut fuel and electricity, once again.
But fear not, country folk. U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice confirmed reassuringly that the U.S. “would not abandon the innocent Palestinians”. Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni also said that Israel will continue to supply Gaza’s humanitarian needs, just not “all the needs that are more than the humanitarian“.
except for fuel. Oh, and electricity. So don’t worry, people of Gaza, you won’t starve (remember: you are on a diet). You will get to eat your (cold) Ramadan iftars,-only in the dark, and of course no water to wash down that meal (or your clothes, for that matter) since the pumps are driven by electricity. And no gas to heat your food or houses with come winter. And you’ll have to consume what you get quickly, since the refrigerators (both yours and the supermarket’s) won’t work without power. And don’t even THINK about getting sick-prevention is your best insurance policy now. Hospital ICUs will have to be powered by generators. Kidney dialysis? Start writing a will. Baby formula? Breastfeed. Vaccinations? Stay home from school.
Civilian levers” is what the Israeli cabinet has mockingly decided to call these “measures” of collective punishment. No doubt this sick euphemism was the brain-child of the ever-reliable Dov Weisglass, of “the Gaza diet” fame.
And remember, you are the “innocent Palestinians” stuck in the middle of all of this.
Now how about some thank you notes to Condi? Its Ramadan, after all, the month of mercy, forgiveness and thanks.”

Palestinian Pundit


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