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September 22, 2007

What is behind the sudden US-Iranian heightened tension?

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Our region is witnessing a well planned and deliberate heightening tension by the US and Iran to the point that this has become the focal point and the main news for the region and the world… So! What is really happening? What are the real objectives behind this tension. What are the limits? To answer such questions, we should bear in mind the following remarks:
1- Inspite of the heightening tension in between Iran and the US, both never stopped talking. They are preparing a fourth official meeting in between their respective ambassadors in Baghdad to go ahead and to agree upon dividing Iraq.
2- The US has long last understood its defeat is fatal and is an absolute fact whatever it tries to chop and change plans or commanders, and considering General Petraeus and ambassador Croocker reports and their testimonies in the US Congress, while Bush has already made his mind a dense smoke screen was necessary to cover a US-Iranian regional deal on the expense of Iraq and the Arab nation.
US exit from Iraq requires above all and foremost, dividing Iraq into three countries and signing a long term strategic oil contract. These two US demands are the natural prelude to withdraw and to leave Iraq a prey to the bitter internal strives in between its three dwarfs states and to regional Arab Iranian battles under the watch and the control of the US.
3-To continue the ruse and to lure some Iraqi parties, the US needs the support on how to regulate its relations with Iran according to the US interests, through neutralizing some pro Iranian forces inside Iraq and strengthen some others.. To convince these Iraqi parties, the US finds it necessary to strike Iran in Iraq. What the US wants actually is to trim Iran’ claws in Iraq and in the region, and never cut them or cut its wings which allow it to fly high these days.. That is why the deal in between Iran and the US is clear and there is no political misunderstanding in between them regarding this question.
4- The US and Iran want right now to mix cards in the whole region..Possible, limited and selective air or missiles strikes against Iran can take place.. for the US needs to win the Arab countries which were appalled to see the US offering Iraq on a golden plate to Iran.. These Arab Parties who are weary of the US real intentions, still keep a distance from cooperating with the US. Today the US wants to convince these Arab parties to join to put an end to the Iranian influence which has gone off limits from one hand, from the other, Iran which sullied its reputation in the Arab homeland and in the Islamic world due to its dishonorable role in invading Iraq and fueling despicable sectarian fitna (ill feeling) to dismember the Arab countries, is trying to repair the damage and provide pretexts for the pro Iranian Arabs for more support..
This can’t be possible unless either to confront the US in a limited battle, in a new war in Lebanon, or in between Syria and the Zionist Entity. This will allow Iran to be seen as if it was fighting the Zionist Entity through third parties. The heightened tension in Syria and in Lebanon completes the dangerous US Iranian game.
5- The US Iranian confrontation, if it occurs at all, will lead to a US-Iranian agreement for a (new middle East) where Iran will play an important role side by side with the Zionist redraw both political and demographic Arab homeland for the US- Iranian- and Zionist Entity’ interests in the first place. While the most injured parties will be the Arab countries. This can occur after a series of military storms enflamed by US air, and missiles strikes against which Iran will probably respond by bombing the US bases in the region and the Arab oil structures, in all the Arab Gulf and the Arab peninsula. This might lead to a political change in Iran.
6-Last but not least, the growing tension with Iran is intended to cover up the situation in Iraq which has seen the collapse of all the US and Iranian plans in Iraq thanks to the military Resistance and the failure to fuel a general fitna in between the Iraqi Resistance factions.
US military reports in Iraq are clear: the coming weeks and months will be decisive due to the Resistance unflinching will to put a decisive end to the battle and expel the Occupation. One of the most important indicator of this ever growing Resistance is the Iraqi tribes, and mainly in the south, joining in a wider range the National Resistance and the Baath in a common and global effort to expel the Occupiers who moan under a killer strain unable to endure global and timely battles all over Iraq.
Our Party, while observing the above, calls upon all the sons and daughters of Iraq for more awareness and prudence concerning US’ tactics to lure some to cooperate with the Occupation, or to strike suspicious deals on the detriment of the liberation objective. Our Party calls upon all the Arab masses and educated circles to be vigilant of the game played either directly by Iran or through its Arab arms. i.e. using Arab blood and Arab land to defend Iran and its nationalistic interests. Here we say it high and clear: it is unacceptable to defend Iran while it occupies Arab lands in Iraq, in the Arab Golf ( the Arab islands, Major and Minor Tumb, and Abu Musa) while undermining in a more dangerous way than the Zionist Entity, Iraq’s and the other countries’ Arab identity.
The right patriotic and national stand doesn’t separate Iran’s behavior in Iraq, as a hostile and a colonialist country, with all what the term colonialist means, from its cooperation with the US occupiers on the expense of the Arab countries. Therefore the objective number one is to continue combating these two most dangerous Arab enemies the US and Iran, until the very end, and never try to seek one’ support against the other.
Long live the Armed Iraqi revolution.
Iraq Leadership
Iraq Culture and Information Bureau
The Arab Baath Socialist Party Baghdad,
Iraq on the 20th September 2007
Baghdad, Martyr Saddam Hussein’s Capital City
Backward bloodthirsty and savage US, the glorious Iraqi Resistance has dragged you in a killer defeat in the land of Arabity and Islam, Mesopotamia.
*Translated by Abu Assur – al-moharer


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