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September 25, 2007

In Saddam’s own words

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Rather: Mr. President, have you been offered asylum anywhere? And would you, under any circumstances, consider going into exile to save your people death and destruction?
Translator For Saddam Hussein: I can understand the motive behind your question, which is excitement. This is a very American style, and� it may not be liked by some, but I can understand. However, I will answer your question. Thank you. I was born here in Iraq. And I was born as a genuine (UNINTEL) believer.
I am proud to have been born fearing God, and I have taught my children the value of history and the value of human stands – the stands that are taken on the basis of imam, taken by men, taken by everyone. The whole community, men and women.
Translator For Saddam Hussein: His Excellency also said that I have been teaching my children the importance of — he’s proud to have been born here and he taught his children the importance of — extreme importance of — imam and that the part of our – her – imam heritage: That we must maintain the honor of nationalism and pan-Arabism. The importance of that is essential to the nation and to the Arab nation.
And now, I am also teaching this to my grandchildren�.I have always talked to the Iraqi people in this sense, since the days of our underground freedom fighting. I believe that any official who talks to his people and to others — indeed, to humanity, in general, about principles and being honest and genuine in what he says about — will not be — will be very strange for him, once he’s become in power, to change his stand.
And then we can talk about how to protect himself. We do not change our position. Our position is basic. We have been born in Iraq. This is part of a glorious nation, a great Arab nation, and we have lived here. God has blessed us with — through the Iraqi people – with a task and the responsibility that has brought us to this position and that we will not change. As for those who talk about asylum–
Male Voice: This is why we will also die in Iraq. Or, within the–
Translator For Saddam Hussein: That is why, talking about asylum, we will — whoever decides to forsake his nation from whoever requests is not true to the principles. We will die here. We will die in this country, and we will maintain our honor, the honor that is required of — in front of our people.
You may have asked questions that maybe attribute to some excitement to the press. But, let me ask you another exciting question. Let me say something also exciting. I believe that whoever asks Saddam to – or offers Saddam asylum in his own country – is, in fact, a person without morals, because he will be directing an insult to the Iraqi people, the Iraqi people who have chosen Saddam Hussein, unanimously, to continue to lead the people of Iraq, and because he will be saying to the people of Iraq, ‘Let Saddam leave and leave you without leadership.’ Whoever offers such asylum.
And, after all, you talk and I understand, as a journalist, this may be important for television. You talk, you ask such a question and, of course, naturally, you seek an answer. But whoever believes in faith, and faith that should not be manufactured by a foreign country�

Transcript: Saddam Hussein Interview, Pt. 1, Read The Entire Interview


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