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September 26, 2007

Ignorance is Bliss

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Recently i was visiting a blog by someone claiming to be living in Iraq currently and decided to read the comments on that blog, after replying to a few yanks and being reprimanded by the owner of the blog for pointing the facts out to the lying yanks commenting there, i decided to post some of the comments here ( i rarely do this but it’s worth noting the level of ignorance/stupidity/disinformation out there). Enjoy.

well Barable you seem like a person who believes only in what you say and can not be persuaded by the words of others, tell me barabie where do you live? is it in iraq? or are you sitting in a another country or Iran or eygpt or any other middle eastern country, or are you just a naive person who is screaming for attention and it finds it by pledging your alliance to Saddam, and why do you exactly support him> i mean i guess its nothing that he gassed the Kurds and started a personal war against the majority Shiites, but he what do i know? since you apparently know everything. I’m not exactly a fan of the war but i feel that since we get are heads to deep we have to at least finish the job and give the Iraqis a chance to resume normal lives. i noticed you blame the US for alot of problems, you think the soldiers are the only ones? soldiers go crazy in war and do crazy crap like that, not country can excuse for it, it happens, but the people who rape little girls and kill family’s are miniorty and there is no fact out there that can prove it. you can state your opinion but you have no right to denounce someone else’s opinion based of one little incident. and for your info Mohammed but just be a cover name since he can not reveal is real identity on the threat of intervention by one of the many militias causing trouble in iraq trying to silence him9and possible his prime Minister)
all the luck to you Mohammed
~Andrew Tuccinardi”



My response:

bARABie said…

andrew, first, where i live is of absolutely no relevance to seeing the truth. For all you know, i could live on Mars. As for your claim about the gassing, “Immediately after the attacks, the US Defence Intelligence Agency (USDIA) investigated and produced a “classified” report that showed clearly that it was Iranian gas that killed the Kurds, not Iraqi gas.
Iraq had never produced cyanide-based gas, or as it is known Cyanogens chloride, the “blood agent”. Studies have shown that the chemical agent used exclusively by the Iranian army throughout the eight-year war, not the Iraqi army. Another report prepared by US Army War College�s Strategic Studies Institute revealed that, “[t]he great majority of the victims seen by reporters and other observers who attended the scene were blue in their extremities. That means that they were killed by a blood agent, probably either cyanogens chloride or hydrogen cyanide. Iraq never used and lacked any capacity to produce these chemicals. But the Iranians did deploy them. Therefore the Iranians [perpetrated this attack] killed the Kurds”.”
Re “personal war against the majority shites”, “One exemplary case of malicious disinformation is the so-called Shiite uprising affair. These are my personal observations as an Iraqi citizen who was right there:
1. I maintain strongly that the “uprising” was no home-brew affair at all. It was an Iranian incursion that attempted to take advantage of the situation in the immediate aftermath of Iraq’s retreat from Kuwait, and the disarray the country was in because of 40 days of heavy US bombing of its infrastructure.” EXACTLY “what do you KNOW”?
You tell me i ‘have no right to denounce” disinformation and straight out lies? Give me a break.
“His prime minister”???? More like yankee puppet..


Anonymous said…

Barbie, you sound like one of those who benefitted from Saddam’s regime, whose own personal gain was worth turning a blind eye to the suffering of the many Iraqis who were brutalized under Saddam.
No one with an ounce of compassion for their fellow man could wish Saddam (or anyone like him) back into power. You want to talk about murder, rape and all the other horendous acts? Shoot, Saddam had more women raped in front of their husbands, men tortured in front of their wives and children, than we can even count. And the “insurgents” and “militias” who murder, rape, roast children on platters for their parents, bomb groups of children because they can kill one American… these folks are your heroes, eh?
The US made MANY mistakes. The US military has a very FEW bad seeds (when you consider there are over 300,000 in our military, most have been to Iraq). America has tried to rectify its mistakes. America has put the bad seeds on trial, and convicted most.
I don’t see YOU calling for the punishment of Saddam’s men who committed similar (or worse) crimes. Or for the punishment of the Sunni or Shiite gangsters who definitely have committed worse crimes.
Sane people call for justice, no matter who committed the crime – even if it’s one of their own.
I don’t know even one American that didn’t call for the death penalty for Steven Green (the man who shot Abeer’s family and burned her body after raping her).
Nutjob fantatics call for justice for others, but expect themselves and their own to be excused, no matter how heinous the crime.
Where’s all your righteous indignation when it comes to crimes committed by Iraqis against Iraqis?
Your holy “resistance”? They intentionally exploded a bomb in the midst of numerous Iraqi children in an attempt to kill some Americans. Not one American was killed. But when the honorable “resistance” ran like cowards, it was an American who picked little Farah up into his arms, risking his life to try and save hers. And it was an American who cradled her and wept over her when she died in his arms.
Where was your beloved “resistance” then?
Don’t paint all Americans as evil – especially while you’re singing the praises of murderers and rapists like Saddam and some who call themselves the “resistance”.
Don’t mess with Mohammed. You don’t have to agree with him, but respect that this is his blog, and it’s one of the few places where everyone can read a very balanced view of what is going on – the bad, and the good.
Sorry for the rant, Mohammed. I’m going back into my cyber corner now.

Haven’t you ever been taught never to assume? Makes you look like a fool.

Please provide links to your claims otherwise, shut up. “roast children on platters”? Really? This is news! Hang on, wasn’t Saddam the darling of the yanks for YEARS? Did the yanks not provide Saddam with the weapons and intelligence for YEARS? And now you have the AUDACITY to tell me how bad he was, get an education, PLEASE! As for the “militias”, please have a look at the link i provided ABOVE! (btw Mohammed, i am only answering these ignorant fools nicely for your sake, because you asked me nicely not to abuse your “guests”, i would rather spit in their face for being so ignorant).

tizzzzzzzz, “FEW”???? Really? Tell that to the victims of Hiroshima, Nagasaki, Dresden, Kandahar, Baghdad, Beirut, Gaza, Somalia, Kosovo and so on (my apologies for any city i have left out).

So because “Saddam’s men” (as you call them) supposedly “committed similar (or worse) crimes” that JUSTIFIES yankees CRIMES? Really? That makes yanks no better than “Saddam’s men”. Btw why did it take the yanks nearly 20 years after Halabja to take action? Give me a fxxxing break!

Do you know ANYTHING about international law? RESISTANCE is enshrined in the Geneva conventions and in every countries law. Every single human has the right to resist OCCUPATION, do you understand? HELLO! Wow a yank cradled a child, that makes ALL the difference, whatever!

My beloved resistance is still kicking your ass, thankfully AND i hope they will be what brings the yanks to their knees.

Idiot, don’t put words into my mouth. I have NEVER said ALL Americans are yanks or evil! But any yank in Iraq IS evil because they have no right to be there even under international law! Who the fxxx made you yanks GOD?

As for messing with Mohammed, Mohammed is a big boy and i doubt my comments affect his life like you yanks have affected his life, not to mention that Mohammed has already told me what he doesn’t like.
What i find interesting is Mohammed tells me not to attack his yankee “guests” but allows his yankee “guests” to attack me. No wonder Iraq is in the state it’s in.
True to my word, i have responded.

September 26, 2007 11:59 AM


And this from the blog owner himself……

Mohammed said…

hey hold on barabie,
I didn’t say that they never did anything , I said some , and you mentioned also some , I know there is more than that , but it’s still incident , that doesn’t mean all of them are like that , you forget to mention Abu-Gharib , i’ll remember you with this one.
but let me give you an example if a palestinian raped a girl and killed her family does this mean that all the palestinians are like this?
it’s the same some soldiers are bad and criminals and some are not , you can’t judge a whole nation or a whole army depending on incidents.
and the proof that the military is not satisfied with them and that it was a solitary act that they were put to justice.
I’m not defending anyone but I’m being rational , i wish you can understand that.
and by the way don’t drift from the’s not about the americans or their acts , it’s about the struggle and sorrow of Iraqis.

bARABie said…

“it was a solitary act that they were put to justice.”
“But now, those very same Marines that Murtha stood up in front of the world and declared to be out of control killers, are being exonerated and cleared of the charges against them.”
As for Abeer’s rapists and murderers, i have already given you a link.
To the rest who replied to me, i will reply when i have more time.
I am starting to wonder about you Mohammed.

Full conversation can be found at the following link.


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