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October 19, 2007

The child martyr Iman Al-Hams and Zionist terrorism

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Iman Al-Hams, was a 13 year old Palestinian child. She was too young to predict how far Zionist terrorism could reach. Iman took some money and headed toward the neighborhood’s grocery where she lived in Rafah city. A few hundred meters away, the Zionist terrorist “Gevati” unit took position. The bloodthirsty soldiers of the unit were waiting to detect and shoot any Palestinian who would come into their sight whether that Palestinian happened to be on the roof of his house, inside his room or a passerby or even a child who got bored of being confined to his or her house and “took the risk” of going out to play with his or her peers.

A few steps away from her house, the occupation soldiers sprayed her with the bullets of their machineguns as if they were against a military battalion or a commando unit and not an innocent little girl.

Iman was killed on October 15, 2004 in Rafah in such a way that makes it hard to believe the killers belong to mankind. After little Iman was shot and fell on the ground, the commander of the military post, surrounded by his soldiers, approached her and sprayed her with 20 more bullets making sure that she’s dead.

The Zionist officer who killed Iman in cold blood confirmed that he was not sorry for what he did. In a lengthy interview with the Zionist “Ma’ariv” newspaper, the officer stated that he did not violate instructions when he killed Iman. He added that if Iman came to life again and if she was only 3 years old he would have killed her again.

Nevertheless, the Zionist officer whose name was not disclosed said that he was a victim of the conspiracy of his colleagues who testified against him for racial reasons pointing out that he is Durzi while his colleagues are Jewish.

The Zionist judicial view on killing a Palestinian child:
A Zionist court acquitted the officer although he was accused of killing the child Iman. The bill of indictment stated that the soldiers at the military position noticed a “suspicious person” about 100 meters away and immediately shot at him. It turned out that the “suspicious person” was none other than the child Iman . The commander of the position approached the child, pointed his M-16 at the body of the child at a very close range and emptied the full load of his gun’s magazine into Iman’s body.

A soldier who witnessed the crime, told the Hebrew “Yediot Ahronot” that the killing of Iman was like executing a person without trial. He confirmed that the soldiers shot at her from different positions and that the commander shot the child a number of times from his automatic machine gun until he was sure she was dead.

Three other soldiers testified to the same story confirming that the child was murdered in cold blood. Nevertheless, the Zionist judiciary acquitted the criminal officer and allowed him to return to the military as commander of a detachment.

The Zionist judiciary and the “others”:
The carelessness in which the Zionist judiciary deals with homicide cases committed by Israeli soldiers or settlers against Palestinian children, women and men and even against foreigners in the Palestinian territories is only compatible with the state terrorism practiced by the Zionist authorities against the unarmed Palestinian people in the occupied territories.

Among the examples illustrating the carelessness of the Zionist judiciary towards the crimes committed against “others” is the decision in April 2005 of the Zionist military judge who acquitted the Israeli soldiers who killed the British reporter James Miller due to what the judge described as lack of evidence.

Another example is the acquittal of the Israeli soldier who was accused of killing the American activist Rachel Cory who was crushed to death by an Israeli bulldozer in Rafah in 2003.


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