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October 26, 2007

The view from the South … an email to Bill O’Reilly

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Hi Bill, the news filtering through to the Land of Oz concerning your activities continues to be less than inspiring. We hear that the delightful Rosie O’Donnell was attacked left right and center for two weeks solid by “such corporate media establishment hacks as Bill O’Reily, Joe Scarborough and Danny Bonaduce who seriously called for her to be executed”. Pharr out. Things certainly seem to be degenerating fast in the Land of the Phreeee.
And for why, Bill? For why? Simply, it seems, because Rosie continues to insist upon her first amendment right to freedom of speech. In particular, speech concerning the events of 911 (or ‘IXXI’ as we internet users know it). What’s wrong with talking about something as unexceptionable as IXXI, Bill? Most sensible people in Oz, and indeed all across the globe, know that it was orchestrated by a lot more than a diabetic in a cave with or without a mobile and a bunch of Muslim patsies having attended flight training on Cesnas. Bill, who do you think you’re fooling? Put it another way … who do you think you’re protecting?

The view from the South … an email to Bill O’Reilly


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