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November 21, 2007

Mapping Apartheid in the West Bank

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Mapping Israeli Apartheid in the West Bank     The Palestinian West Bank, bordered by the 1949 Green Line.
    Israeli settlements and settlement blocks established since 1967 in violation of international law and UN Security Council Resolutions.
    Completed and planned sections of Israel’s “security fence” – the Wall.
    Sections of the Wall under construction.
    Palestinian areas completely surrounded by the Wall and/or additional barriers.
    Palestinian areas trapped between the Wall and the Green Line.
    Boundaries of Palestinian “enclaves” established by Israel. Travel between “enclaves” controlled by Israeli army.
    Trisection boundaries established by Israel. Permits required to travel between sections.
    Jordan Valley now virtually off-limits to Palestinians.

(Thanks Greg)


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  1. ALL of it WOULD have been theirs- and a lot more, had they not chosen war in 1948.

    ALL of it COULD have been theirs, with no Jews, could have been theirs from 1948-1967.

    Almost all of it could have been theirs, had they not chosen war in 2000.

    NONE of it will be theirs now.

    Because THEY chose war. Because THEY chose apartheid.

    Instead of the Jews having to pack and leave, the Arabs will.

    Karma sure is great.

    Comment by Mafish Falastin — November 22, 2007 @ 6:10 am

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