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November 25, 2007

Who benefits from the Afghan Opium Trade?

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However, what distinguishes narcotics from legal commodity trade is that narcotics constitutes a major source of wealth formation not only for organized crime but also for the US intelligence apparatus, which increasingly constitutes a powerful actor in the spheres of finance and banking. This relationship has been documented by several studies including the writings of Alfred McCoy. (Drug Fallout: the CIA’s Forty Year Complicity in the Narcotics Trade. The Progressive, 1 August 1997). In other words, intelligence agencies, powerful business, drug traders and organized crime are competing for the strategic control over the heroin routes. A large share of this multi-billion dollar revenues of narcotics are deposited in the Western banking system. Most of the large international banks together with their affiliates in the offshore banking havens launder large amounts of narco-dollars. Read more…


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  1. It has been so obvious for so many years that there is an evil
    connection between drugs and government intel agencies.
    The increase in Afghan opium has been there for all to see ever since
    There is no war on drugs. There is a war on drugs which do not
    contribute to the wealth of the right politicians, generals, and
    intelligence agencies.

    Comment by montag — December 26, 2007 @ 2:04 am

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