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November 28, 2007

Bush killed JFK

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Must see documentary, an absolute must!


November 27, 2007

“How The Towers Fell”

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Aftermath of what the brave Lebanese army did to my childhood neighborhood

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November 26, 2007

Karma for pigs

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Perspective on 9/11

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The Complete Unexpurgated AIPAC Tape

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HK: David, let me just ask you about Clinton. Honestly, what do you feel about Clinton?

DS: Well, I’ve known Bill Clinton for seven eight years. I think he’s got to be a lot better than George Bush. . . we have a lot of people in there. But he doesn’t need money, he really doesn’t need money. I’m a trustee of the Democratic National Committee. We collected $63 million for him so far.

HK: Who’s collected $63 million?

DS: The Democratic National Committee and the Clinton campaign have raised $63 million.

HK: So they’ve already raised $63 million, so they don’t need money.

DS: No, we need money, like we got a guy, Byron Dorgan, in North Dakota, who’s going to be very good for us and we need money to make sure that he gets in. We’ve got people like that, because [unintelligible], whatever you give them would be a tickle on the elephant’s behind. But when you give $5,000 or $10,000 to Bob Kasten, that’s very meaningful.

HK: Let me ask you, I understand what you’re saying. Clinton, when Clinton first started running a year ago, did he need money at that time?

DS: Yes he did.

HK: I mean, did you help him out, ’cause that’s the time. . .

DS: I personally am not allowed, as president of AIPAC, to get involved in the presidential campaign, because I have to deal with whoever wins. You know, I’ve got to go see Bush if he’s there, but I helped him, we raised over a million dollars for him in New Jersey. Read more…

Fkn News

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November 25, 2007

Israel bit off more than it can chew

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What goes around comes around. Israel can’t destroy the entire Middle East and they can’t last in a war of attrition forever. The writing is on the wall Israel is doomed. Without heavy US support Israel would fall flat on its face. They cannot maintain control of the US forever, their largest lobbying group AIPAC has been caught spying on the US and that case involves two PNAC authors. The judge can keep moving back the trial date but not forever. The world is going to know who rents our congress and who was spying on the US, AGAIN. Read more…

It’s the zionists not the “jews”

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The backlash of this apartheid state us a cycle of violence. But without mention of the illegal and brutal occupation, the US media depicts Israel as defending itself against terrorism, rather than dealing with the results of committing it. And it is not just Palestine, Israel occupies or has occupied parts of Lebanon, Syria, and Egypt as well. Israel killed tens of thousands on Lebanese in 1978 and 1982 and the ensuing occupation of there preemptive and US supported invasions.  Read more…

New video on7/7 – “7/7 Ripple effect”

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Notice that the drills were planned just like 9/11 and just like the 1993 WTC bombing where the FBI’s patsie saved himself by recording the FBI’s conversations telling him it was just a drill. And where was the media on that one? And why did the ADL break into police headquarters and delete files that same year? And why were Israeli spies also caught on 911 and the evidence linking them to the attacks was just “classsified”?

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